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Sunday School- During Service

Worship Service- 10:00 a.m.



Living Word Baptist Church is a Christ-centered, mission-focused, family-oriented community of believers who passionately love Jesus and one another and who are dedicated to sharing that love through worship, evangelism, fellowship, and service to our community, our country and our world.



With 1.3 million members in 5,500 churches across the country, American Baptists are the smallest of the many branches of the Baptist denomination in the United States. There are approximately 5,000 American Baptist clergy in the U.S., six percent of whom are women. The typical American Baptist congregation is small—averaging between 100-200 people. However, there are exceptions.


What do Baptists believe?

  • Baptists enjoy Bible freedom—freedom to access the scripture, and freedom of individual interpretation.
  • Baptists deal directly with God without the imposition of creed, and without the interference of clergy or government. We call it soul freedom. It simply means that the congregation is the final authority in determining the will of God in Baptist church life. No bishop, pastor, pope, conference of churches or civil government has a say-so over the religious affairs of a Baptist congregation.
  • Church freedom gives autonomy to the local church. Clergy is called by and answers to the local congregation, not to some distant board or authority.
  • Baptists believe in religious freedom—the absolute separation of church and state.
  • As a member of a priesthood of all believers, each Baptist is called to minister to others.
  • A Baptist distinctive is believer's baptism by immersion, a public testimony of the experience of personal salvation. Many Baptist churches—including Living Word Baptist—accept baptism from other traditions.
  • Baptists place a high priority on living out the faith through mission and service.


How are American Baptists different?

  • We are ecumenical, as we tend to support and encourage unity among the various divisions of the Christian religion.

  • We ordain women.

  • We are very active in social justice issues.

  • We are more moderate in interpretation of scripture.

How do American Baptists interpret scripture? 

For American Baptists, the Bible is central to our faith and practice. We believe the Bible as inspired by God and a revelation of God's truth. As we study the scripture, we seek the Holy Spirit's guidance in interpreting its meaning.

How do American Baptists approach the world?

To some, the word Baptist symbolizes a set of narrow, judgmental and rigid beliefs. However, American Baptists stand for moderation, inclusiveness and a pioneering spirit. We celebrate a rich history of groundbreaking work in support of:

  • overseas ministries
  • evangelizing the American frontier
  • women in ministry
  • ethnic evangelism, urban ministry, advocacy and Christian social concerns
  • relationships
  • religious liberty and issues of human conscience.

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